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Voice-over is an android App. It is a text-to-speech (TTS) app and reads text or PDF file in any of 75 languages. What you provide as input is a PDF or Text file. The App will read aloud the text as well as make an audio file.
We consider the app as an Educational Tool because it will enable you to learn foreign languages and speak as the natives do. For example you can listen to the German lessons in English and Read German Novels or Short stories by listening to the story read out in German by a German.
You can listen to your own lecture notes or dissertation if you are a student. If you are part of a faculty you review your student's dissertation or submission.
If you are neither a student nor a teacher You can read a novel or listen to a scripture such as the bible or MahaMudra or anything you want to learn. You can have jokes read out or be reminded of Murphy's laws. Your Imagination is the limit! Listen in any of the 75 languages supported including Hindi ,Tamil and Bengali. Listen to your novel or other material and all this on the Go! For more details Please see


CreatePDF is an android App. It can be used to create multi-page PDFs containing text and images on the go without internet
The images can be in the phone gallery or in files. You could use phone camera to capture images from within the app and add to PDF
Text can be added from files or by typing.
Images can be resized and rotated before adding to PDF .
PDF files created can be saved in documents
You can email the saved PDF
You could modify and upload your resume in PDF Form. Click pictures of the place you visited and send the annotated text along with images in PDF form. For more details Please see

SurveyWhiz - Web

SurveyWhiz - Web is a high end desktop software for creating web surveys.It helps you to create professional surveys fast.Create any kind of survey with skips and branches. Change the look and feel by customizing fonts,colors add back ground images and so on. Add audio graphics, video or sound. Add Questions or Grid Questions. Create Likert Scales specific to your needs.Analyze your data with more than 20 varieties of reports.Export data in different formats. For more details Please see

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