Flourish With zerzo simple Creating
Stunning Dissertation
or Novel or Brochure in epub3 Format

Let your Dissertation or Novel or Brochure Come Alive with audio,video and images                          
zerzo simple

  1. zerzo simple empowers you to create in EPub 3.2 Format
  2. The digital format reduces cost to the reader as there is no cost of paper, binding etc.
  3. For businesses an epub document replaces brochures. It saves time to produce and send to customer. He simply emails it. No postal chages
  4. The epub format can accomodate large lengths. There is no limit of 300 pages etc.
  5. Your customer saves storage space and gets it at lower cost,
  6. Unlike many other authoring tools zerzo simple supports MathMl. It means you can add partial differential euatins or complicated math expressins.
  7. Enables you to embed fonts
  8. If you use our product your customers increase and so will your profits. You will see no justification for going back to old ways. These days even the poor have mobiles and can access your text book/novel/brochure
zerzo simple creates EPub 3.2 compatible documents.
In zerzo you can create pages with content aligned left/right/center/justify.
You can create tables, add audio/video
You can also create cover image Using the bundled CoverBuilder
Some of the features in zerzo are unique.
Create Tables in six different style
Add pages in the language of your choice
Add Special characters e.g greek letters
Create Cover Page in the language of your choice
With zerzo simple You can create Text Books,Novels,Publicity Material,Manuals,Training Material and many more.
And all of these in the language of choice e.g Hindi. See the screen shot below.
Investment in buying zerzo simple is worth more than you pay.

Prerequisites for all our products including zerzo_simple
Info-Zip's zip
7-Zip https://www.7-zip.org
java 8 runtime
epubcheck is downloaded by zerzo in about 4 minutes--Only Once at install time
Google's Akshar Unicode on your PC/laptop for covering all languages
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