Introduction to QuietMind

QuietMind is an android app to seek
  • sleep listening to stories
  • Meditation
  • Destress
  • Wellness
  • Relax
  • Learn the fundamentals before you meditate
  • Learn to organize your life for calmness,wellness and relaxation
  • Learn the fundamentals of belief systems before listening to chants and prayers
  • Why learn the fundamentals

  • At Appwiz we believe you should know where you are going and what you are doing. For one thing you gain clarity. What are Religion should I practice? I am trained by my father in in Islam and my mother in Christianity. Is it necessary at all to beleive in any religion for mental peace.For anot.pngher you make an informed choice and exercise your will. Last but not the least your practice is more focussed and targeted. For example if you know what is spirituality your medtation improves,your outlok for others changes, your world view changes. All of these contribute to your calmness and wellness.

    Organizing your life for calmness,wellness and relaxation

    Organization Reduces Stress Organization Helps You Sleep Better Organization Promotes A Healthier Diet Organization Increases Productivity At Work Organization Can Improve Your Relationships You may see for more details Now let us see how to Organize Create a daily routine Make a to-do list Use a planner & Journal Declutter your space (Become minimalistic) Practice mindfulness Get enough sleep Stay hydrated Eat a balanced die Exercise regularly Connect with others Set boundaries Practice self-compassion Seek professional help Use positive affirmations Practice gratitude You may see for more details

    Learning the fundamentals of belief systems

    Belief systems are structured sets of principles or tenets that are held to be true by individuals or groups. They include religions, philosophical systems, political ideologies, economic systems, and scientific paradigms. A belief system helps people inform themselves of the world around them. It helps them interpret the world, and act in a way that aligns with their beliefs. A personal belief system is a set of beliefs that an individual holds about the world, society, and many other things. For example, it can be within someone's personal belief system to never fold the corners of pages in a book. Religions are excellent examples of belief systems, as there are hundreds of them on the planet. Religion serves to outline principles for followers to adhere to, like treating another as one would treat themselves. Belief systems can positively shape behavior, offer identity, and help form cohesive societies. You may see for more details

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