Advertising with Epub

epub3 is an interactive format for advertising. You can include images, audio and video. This is in addition to regular contact details, address, product details. Essentially it is your website.

It works like this we develop your-product(or service).epub.
You send the .epub file to existing and potential customers.

For example a hotel can include video of all rooms, restaurant banquet hall etc in action. Accompanying audio can convey description.

Please fill up the form so that we can give a quotation.

Text Book Creating for Text Book Authors

If you have authored a text book which is in pdf form
You have an unpublished manuscript in word file or otf file
or you simply have a hand written manuscript

We will convert your magnum opus into an interactive epub file.

Text Book Creating for Institutions

All state boards , central institutions Wether you have existing pdfs
Your experts are authoring text books

We will be happy to take your vision into reality,

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