Krelo has been revised substantially and now feature a more comprehansive page creation. add tag interface has been simplified. video on it's use will be released shortly. One of the Krelo page 15, creating your own page template and using it been on it's use will be released shortly. All page temples 1-14 now feature supressing page template on it's use is expected shortly
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Krelo creates EPub 3.2 compatible documents. You select from a set of templates or create from scratch. You need to add resources such as images,audio or video.You can create xhtml from templates or write your own. You can edit or import xhtml. After adding all the required data and files., you build the project and create the .epub3 file
You can edit or import xhtml. After adding all the required data and files., you build the project and create the .epub3 file
Some of the features in Krelo are unique. Krelo is the quintessential Text Book creator. You create a single column, two column or three column text book with images, audio and video.

  • You can create as many Books as you wish simultaneously say 5
  • You can add pages to Book1 or Book2
  • Create Tables in six different style
  • Add pages in the language of your choice
  • Add Special characters e.g greek letters
  • Create Cover Page in the language of your choice
  • Edit JPG for inclusion in Pages
  • Krelo Videos

    Take a look at Krelo Videos to get a feel for Krelo Krelo Videos

    Some Krelo Concepts

  • Template .template file
  • The Template file is the most versatile page creator. You can create a page using any of the existing templates -fifteen or create your own template and reuse again and again
  • Krelo features Graphic Menu From the Graphic Menu create a new Book, add cover and add the pages.The Process of creating a new book (leaving the actual details of writing such as conceiving a novel,it's plot etc )starts with new Book Project. Create required number of book projects and complete them as more details emerge. The Process is not sequential. For example You can do 10 pages of five books(Each having 500 pages) per day.
  • creating a single column Book

  • Create Cover
  • Click the Add Cover Icon in the Graphic Menu Select any of the templates you like Fill in the details Select the image which will form the basis for the Cover by clicking the Select Image button Click ok Cover Image will be in the myBooks/stored_images directory

  • Create Table of contents
  • Create your own page scripts and generate pages
    With krelo You can also create Text Books,Novels,Publicity Material,Manuals,Training Material and many more. And all of these in the language of choice e.g Hindi. Investment in buying krelo is worth more than you pay. You will need these to use krelo effectively
  • Info-Zip's zip
  • 7-Zip
  • java 8 runtime
  • epubcheck is downloaded by zerzo in about 4 minutes--Only Once at install time
  • Google's Akshar Unicode on your PC/laptop for covering all languages
  • screen krelo

    krelo features a graphic menu. You click on any label to activate the corresponding menu item. See the tool tips by putting your mouse n the label.


    Page Creator or Template Selector enables you to create pages like the ones you see see on the left. xhtml code correspnding to it is added on clicking OK. Typically there are two columns and correspondingly two textareas for left and right columns.There are add tags and image buttons.Also present are add Audio/Video.



    As we said earlier Cover design is part of the process of creating a TextBook. The cover designer is also template based and has five templates to choose from. You choose the cover image , fill up Author detail, Book title etc and click OK.Cover jpg is available in a jiffy in the images folder of the myBooks1 or myBooks3... You choose the font and language.



    EditJpg utility enables editing a jpg before adding to a page. You select a jpg file to edit and then add text to it or chamfer the edges.



    EmbedFont helps you to incorporate the fonts important to you in the epub itself, so that it is not at the mercy of the Reader's computer. You add the fonts from your computer. The app handles the code for adding to the epub



    Special Charachters are necessary in a technical text for greek letters, currency symbols etc. and these can be added into the page at the click of the correspnding button.



    Six different table styles are available for you to choose from. You choose the style you need , choose the number of rows and columns click OK and add your table data. css is handled by the app.



    This enables shading/changing style of exercises/summary etc.


    New Book Project

    When you create a New Book Project you will be asked for project details.
    The following are details
  • Project Name is the name of the book you will create such as Guns of Navarone.Hovever you should avoid blank space and should enter either Guns_of_Navarone or GunsOfNavarone so that there are no spaces.The appwill produce GunsOfNavarone.epub or Guns_of_Navarone.epub if every thing goes well
  • Cover location where is the cover.jpg located.cover must be a jpg and name must be cover.jpg. you can create your cover using Add Cover in the menu.
  • Project location is read nly and tells yu the lcatin f Project.txt/Project2.txt..
  • Project Data


    • Book Title name or title of the epub document such AChristmasCarolAudioBook.epub. More than one should be separated by comma.

    • identifier is unique to the document and can be ISBN or UUID. The UUID(Universally Unique Identifier) may be generated by clicking the button on the right .

    • Language -language in which document is written More than one should be separated by comma. Please ISO639.2 or see ISO639.3, Codes for the Representation of Names of Languages . You may check out

    • dcterms:modified is the date on which the document is modified and is auto filled by avorca


    Optional Data

    screen 2 Epub3Creator
    Most of the fields illustrate usage in the text area. Here is a little more for completion
    • creator A primary creator or author of the publication

    • contributor A party whose contribution to the publication is secondary to those named in creator elements..

    • date Date of publication, in the format defined by "Date and Time Formats" at and by ISO 8601 on which it is based

    • subjecte.g Science, Law, Music....

    • format The media type or dimensions of the resource. .

    • type type includes terms describing general categories, functions, genres, or aggregation levels for content

    • rights A statement about rights, or a reference to one. In this specification, the copyright notice and any further rights description should appear directly.

    • publisher The publisher as defined by the Dublin Core Metadata Element Set.

    • source Information regarding a prior resource from which the publication was derived.

    • relationAn identifier of an auxiliary resource and its relationship to the publication..

    • coverage The extent or scope of the publication’s content

    Create Cover

  • Click the Add Cover Icon in the Graphic Menu
  • Select any of the templates you like
  • Fill in the details
  • Select the image which will form the basis for the Cover by clicking the Select Image button
  • Click ok
  • Cover Image will be in the myBooks/stored_images directory
  • Create New Page


    Writing a book is writing lots of pages.Create New Page helps you to format the pages and is the most important part of the App. You should understand the details thoroughly. Starting from top the first textfield shows Chapter 2. Edit it to your chapter name. This will be part of the page.
    Next in line are

  • Add Image
  • AddAudio adds audio to the page. Only mp3 is supported
  • AddVideo adds video to the page.Only mp4 is supported
  • PageNumber is to be entered for every page. on ok produces page33.xhtml or pagexi.xhtml
  • if your PageNumber is 11 and Add New Chapter entry is 1.3 Weak electrolytes PageNumber 11 top will look like BookData
    Next Row starts with Font Family
    This includes Family size and style . style 0 is regular,style 1 is Bold ,style 2 is italic ,style 3 is Bold and italic Please note that the page produced on clicking ok is not effected unless Change Font button is clicked Next is Two A(s) in a column followed by a combo box.The top A brings up select color dialogue to change text color. Bottom changes text background color. You can add paragraph/ MathML/Heading 1-6 in the html body
    Next in a row are Bold, italic , underline and strike through tags added in the body. Next two add subscript and superscript tags.
    Next in the row are for text arragement on the page respectively for center text, left align,right align and justify.
    Next two are for Bullet list and numbered list respectively
    Next two are for decreasing indent and increasing indent respectively
    Next Combo is to select text case upper,lower,Capitalize and titleTitle case. Select Text in the body and then select from the Combo
    Next two are for inline quote and link respectively. Link is for within document and Anchor in the next row is for any where on the net

    Second Row

    first two are for text background and Anchor respectively.
    Next two are for Horizontal line and Insert into Glossary respectively. The former first shows color dialogue for the Horizontal line. select color and code for Horizontal line appears after the body. Remove height:15px; width:350px; to start the line from start. You can see the line visual tab below
    The two screens show how the lines are used in a typical scenario. The first shows the code and the second it's rendering
    You can create a Glossary by adding terms. Click Glossary to add
    Next icon is for Table. Click it to get Choose Table Style Dialogue.
    The Dialogue contains six radio buttons in a group. You can select only one style. The images on the side show net result of the style i.e the look of the table.
    The number of Rows Combo allows you to select the number of rows. 2/3/4...
    The number of Columns Combo allows you to select the number of Columns. 2/3/4...
    Click OK to finish. A table with required rows and columns is generated. Fill your data in <td>your data </td>

    Fourth Row

    Has radio selection Break,Paragraph,MathML and image . select any of them to insert correspnding code at the cursor.
    click OK after done
    click EmbedFont to Bring up
    This enables you to embed the font of your choice so that it is reproduced exactly the way it is on your computer where the font is installed.
    Click Done to embed
    You may download krelo trial version
    Download krelo trial

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