.CardScanPro can scan,store,extract contact details, email it , save card details to database, and even add to your phone contacts. You delete all or any contact from database.You can transfer all the contacts to a laptop or PC.


You can edit the information extracted from the card. Any errors in OCR (optical character recognition) can be corrected by you. e.g if you are David and OCR gives Davis you change the last letter from s to d.This replaces the need for manual transcription.
You can email the Raw card or the extracted text to whoever needs it. You can see all your cards as images or as contact person data.Just in case you forget there is help right on the App.
You can save the OCR text as a file with a name you like.You can then edit the text and save it to a database of contacts.
You can see all the contacts in the database. Delete any or all of the contacts.
Finally you can export all the contacts to your laptop or PC.

Steps to capture your card:
  • 1. Take a snap of a business card.
  • 2. OCR the card
  • 3. Edit the results alongside the card image.
  • Features
  • * Scan and store your business cards.
  • * Convert business cards image to Text
  • * Edit information gathered by OCR
  • *Save OCR text with a file name you choose
  • * Store information in the database
  • *Remove any or all of the contacts from database
  • *add the contact i.e name and phone number directly to your phone. No copy paste. You edit the name only once.
  • *Transfer all the contacts to PC or laptop so that they can be passed on to your colleagues.
  • We have both a free version as well as a paid version
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